Dispatch. Workflow. Collaboration.


Use Formotus workflow forms with SharePoint to route jobs, create approval workflows, and dispatch field service workers.

Formotus mobile forms workflow management on SharePoint
Leverage SharePoint for mobile workflows
  • Assign job to specific individual
  • Assign job to teams
  • Route jobs to individuals and groups
  • Enable mobile user to reassign
  • Monitor job activity on SharePoint


View, resume, share forms and collaborate with your team.

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Google Sheets
Formotus mobile forms sharepoint integration
Google Sheets
ACCESS FORM INSTANCES STORED ON SHAREPOINT, GOOGLE SHEETS (Form instances that were submitted by a mobile user.)
  • Edit submitted form: open the mobile form by clicking “Edit link” which opens the instance in the Formotus Now app.
  • View form: view the mobile form by clicking “View link” which will open the PDF version of the mobile form.
  • Share link: links to the mobile form instance can be distributed by email, on web pages, in documents, etc. (anywhere where you can put a URL). Clicking on the link will open the form in the Formotus Now app.