Formotus Plans - Basic, Team (selected), Enterprise

Best For: Mobile teams of 1, 5 or more (10, 15, 20 etc.) who complete forms in the field online and offline. People who sign up for this plan want to:

  • Submit data collected in the field directly to (SharePoint, Google Sheets, Salesforce web services and more).
  • Ability to promote fields from the mobile form to SharePoint lists, SharePoint libraries, Google Sheets.
  • Convert InfoPath forms into mobile forms.

The Formotus Team Plan is perfect for small to medium businesses or for teams working in enterprise organizations that have a set number of users collecting form data in the field. The Team Plan includes all the features available in the Basic Plan, and the ability to turn InfoPath forms into mobile forms.

If you’re interested in a plan for a single user see Formotus Basic Plan, or if you’re a large organization requiring enterprise-grade security features then check out the Formotus Enterprise Mobile Form Solution.

Intuitive and Robust Mobile Forms App

With the Formotus Team Plan you can easily create an unlimited number of secure mobile forms using our drag-and drop form creator. All our forms work with the Formotus Pro mobile app that team members use to complete forms in the field (no internet connection required). The data collected in Formotus forms never pass through Formotus servers but submits directly to your servers, providing an unprecedented level of security.

Compatible with InfoPath

  • Convert InfoPath forms into mobile forms
  • Formotus InfoPath custom controls add extra power to your Formotus forms
  • Our InfoPath migration tool will help you migrate away from the sunset product

Seamlessly Integrates with Current Business Tools

  • Ability to promote fields from the mobile form to SharePoint lists, SharePoint libraries, and Google Sheets
  • Easy Google Sheets and SharePoint integration with the ability to promote data as columns and fields to columns
  • Submit forms to SharePoint library

Advanced Mobile Form App Management

  • Team Plan manipulates the date collected in your mobile forms as database fields
  • Powerful data collection controls such as GPS capture, barcodes, timestamps, and signatures
  • Embed encrypted credentials in forms
  • Submit forms as a PDF and/or XML file
  • Submit data to Google Docs
  • Query online data sources (SharePoint list, Google Sheets, web service
  •  Monitor and audit app usage

See all the features available in the Formotus Team Plan

Formotus Team Plan Pricing

Best For: A company with a small to medium mobile team that needs to collect an unlimited amount of data in the field.

  • Complete forms in the field online or offline
  • Replacement for InfoPath
  • Mobile users can open, fill and submit an unlimited number of forms

Only available as a monthly subscription with autopay option, using all major credit cards. $30/month, plus the option to purchase app-clicks at $2 per click for use with the Formotus Now app.

No credit card required

Formotus Mobile Form App User Scenario
Create a form using the mobile form builder in Formotus or convert an existing InfoPath form. Assign the forms to your mobile team who will open it using the Formotus Pro app on their mobile device. You can even use Formotus to manage their work queue. They complete the form in the field and submit it to your data collection repository (Google, SharePoint, Excel, etc.). “Formotus forms enabled me to work offline for weeks at a time, collecting data in my forms for a project with the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture.” John Coatney, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine.