Easy mobile form creation, offline capable, workflows, InfoPath replacement, rigorous security controls.

Formotus form creator for complex and simple mobile forms

Create Simple And Complex Forms

The Formotus service offers a powerful tool for your organization’s digital transformation.  Replace your paper and manual processes with powerful mobile forms that integrate into your workflows.  Whether you want to build a simple punch list form or a complex inspection form that captures pictures, GPS coordinates, you will find the form creator is easy to use.
Formotus mobile forms run offline without LTE WiFi connection

Collect Data Online And Offline

The Formotus service offers the most robust offline performance of any other mobile forms solution.  Many mobile forms solutions claim to have “offline” capability, but only the Formotus service can offer all the offline functionality supported by Formotus forms.  Check the powerful offline features, including data validation and error checking.
Formotus mobile from workflow

Streamline Processes Using Workflow

One of the exciting benefits of digitally transforming your organization is the ability to include powerful workflows to replace manual processes that are slowing down your organization today.  The Formotus service enables you to create powerful digital mobile forms that will integrate with SharePoint or Google Docs.  Read more about how you can easily set up a job assignment or a dispatch process here.
InfoPath replacement forms converted to mobile forms

Seamless Infopath Migration

If your organization has invested in InfoPath, the Formotus service will allow you to extend the life of your InfoPath forms.  Simply upload your InfoPath forms into your Formotus portal and they will be converted to rich mobile forms instantly.  You can deploy them to any iOS, Android or Windows 10 devices.  Formotus has added additional functionality to InfoPath with the Formotus InfoPath custom controls.
Formotus mobile forms secure

Build Secure Mobile Forms

Formotus takes security seriously.  The Formotus service is hosted on Microsoft Azure which provides a level of security that meets the most stringent security standards, including federal government agencies.  No customers data is stored on the Formotus servers.  Our customers’ mobile users submit their Formotus mobile forms data directly from their devices to the data stores that their organization controls.  Read more about how Formotus helps protects your organization here.