Powerful features, easy integrations, share your Formotus mobile forms with anyone

Formotus mobile forms service features


Formotus offers powerful capabilities to enable you to create custom mobile forms, transforming paper and manual processes into digital forms and automated workflows with conditional business logic.  The easy to use, drag and drop form creator enables you to create digital forms with robust offline performance. If your organization has invested in InfoPath, the Formotus service will allow you to extend the life of your InfoPath forms, and run them on any iOS, Android or Windows 10 devices.  And Formotus has added additional functionality to InfoPath with the Formotus InfoPath custom controls. Check out the many powerful capabilities that the Formotus service offers, including easy integration to your current data stores, conditional business logic, and workflows.
Formotus mobile form data integrations


Your Formotus forms will easily integrate with your data, regardless of where your organization chooses to store its data.  Formotus works out-of-the-box with SharePoint (all versions), and with Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Salesforce.  Learn more about data integrations including SOAP/REST services here.
Formotus mobile form apps

Mobile Apps

The Formotus Pro app provides your mobile users with robust performance—even when they are working offline.  Each licensed user that you add to your Formotus account will see the forms that you deploy to them in their Formotus Pro app.

Most of the features that Formotus has added to the Formotus service were the direct result of customer requests.  Some of our customers were looking for a way to share their Formotus forms with people who don’t have a Formotus account.

The Formotus Now app was created to allow Formotus customers without a Formotus account to open, fill out and submit one of your organization’s Formotus forms.  One of our customers uses the Formotus Now app for their annual safety compliance form.  The Formotus administrator simply sends a Formotus Now link and users open it in the Formotus Now app which requires no credentials to log in to.  Read more about this exciting capability here.