Our flexible pricing plans are ideal for small business to large enterprises and everything in between. Whether you have two people in the field collecting data on mobile forms or thousands, we have a plan that will fit your needs.


We have two subscription pricing plans and an innovative flexible licensing plan available for enterprise customers so they can make the most of their budgets. Customers can easily upgrade from Basic to Team to Enterprise as their needs change.
All our plans include access to our drag-and-drop mobile form builder and our Formotus Pro and Formotus Now mobile apps available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.


Formotus Basic PlanThe Basic Plan is designed for single users who don’t require InfoPath support. This plan is ideal for businesses that want to share their Formotus forms with “anonymous” users who don’t have a Formotus account.
$20/month, single user.  Can run the Formotus software on 2 devices concurrently.  Create, deploy, fill and submit an unlimited number of forms each month.
What’s Included in the Formotus Basic Plan
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop form creator (No coding required)
  • Build and deploy unlimited mobile forms
  • Unlimited use of forms in the Formotus Pro app
  • Powerful data collection controls such as GPS capture, barcodes, timestamps, and signatures
  • Forms use advanced business logic
  • Embed or encrypt credentials in forms
  • Submit forms to SharePoint library
  • Forms shared using the Formotus Now app are priced per form submission (you can limit the amount of submissions you’ll accept)
  • Submit forms as a PDF and/or XML file
  • Submit data to Google Docs
  • Query online data sources (SharePoint list, Google Sheets, web services)
  • Monitor and audit app usage
  • Email customer support
  • Basic Plans manipulate the data you collect in your mobile forms as a file
  • Only available as a monthly subscription with autopay option, using all major credit cards

No credit card required.


Formotus Team subscription planIdeal for small to medium businesses, this plan provides the flexibility to add users as your mobile workforce expands. The Team Plan includes all the features available in the Basic Plan, and the ability to turn InfoPath forms into mobile forms.
$30/month, per-user. Users can run the Formotus software on 2 devices concurrently, fill and submit an unlimited number of forms each month.
The Formotus Team Plan Includes Everything in the Basic Plan Plus:
  • Convert InfoPath forms into mobile forms
  • Submit data collected in the field directly to web services (SharePoint, Google Sheets, and Salesforce integration)
  • Ability to promote fields from the mobile form to SharePoint lists, SharePoint libraries, and Google Sheets
  • Easy Google Sheets and SharePoint integration with the ability to promote data as columns and fields to columns
  • Formotus InfoPath Custom Controls add extra power to your Formotus forms
  • Team Plan supports 1, 5 users, and you can add users in increments of 5
  • Download/upload Formotus creator forms between accounts
  • Team Plan manipulates the data collected in your mobile forms as database fields
  • Only available as a monthly subscription with autopay option, using all major credit cards

No credit card required.


Formotus Enterprise subscription plan We’ve developed a revolutionary pricing structure to help stretch your budget and get the most of our mobile forms products. The Enterprise Plan features volume license discounts, flexible by month, to maximize who can use the licenses. We also have a managed organization structure that gives administrators more freedom with license management that no other SaaS forms solution offers. We also offer invoicing for enterprise customers.
All the Features of the Formotus Basic and Team Plans, Plus:
  • Advanced workflow and dispatch for assigning work (Using SharePoint or Google Drive)
  • Federated SharePoint authentication
  • Enhanced security features (enforced secure passwords, mandatory password changes)
  • Add/remove users at any time, Formotus automatically prorates the licenses
  • Link multiple accounts and control licenses from a single master account
  • Share administrators (guest administrators)
  • Share license-months across all of the users in your account
  • Share app-clicks across all of the forms in your account
  • Customized support packages available
  • Volume license discounts for license-months and app-clicks
  • License-months and app-clicks don’t expire
  • Can pay by credit card, money orders, check, and wire transfer
Pricing ranges by number of users and volume. Contact us at 206-973-4444 to discuss your needs and how our Enterprise Plan provides unprecedented savings with our managed organization functionality.

No credit card required.

To purchase any plan start a free trial and add a payment method.