Robust offline data collection that works as well as online data collection.


Continuous productivity in the absence of a reliable data connection is critical to many of our customers. This capability is especially the case for customers with a workforce that’s often in rural areas, inside industrial facilities, down in tunnels, up in airplanes, or out at sea.

Formotus forms work offline with no LTE of WiFi connection
Formotus built its service from the ground up to enable our customers to create mobile forms that work as well offline as they do online.  Formotus customers use offline forms while building underground railways, measuring oil-well performance in the sub-Artic, and in many other environments where neither Wi-Fi nor cellular data networks are available.  Offline data collection is a requirement even in populated areas, where wireless coverage is spotty or unavailable in many structures such as elevators. Many mobile forms solutions claim to have “offline” capabilities. but they are not as robust as our offline data collection solution. Formotus offline forms provide business logic, data validation and error checking and many other functions—all while working disconnected from the network.


Listed below are some of the offline data collection capabilities provided when opening your Formotus mobile forms in the Formotus Pro app.

Open multiple new instances of Formotus form

Open a new instance of a Formotus mobile form while offline to begin capturing data. You can open multiple new instances of any form on your device.

Save Formotus form draft on device

Store the drafts of all your offline forms locally on the device until you are ready to submit them online.

Resume filling in Formotus form

Open a saved draft of a partially filled Formotus mobile form and complete it. Switch among several saved drafts of offline forms.

Complex calculations performed offline in Formotus form

Use Formotus mobile forms with simple or complex calculations built right in. Since there are no server-side actions required, all the business logic works offline.

Easily navigate multiple screens in Formotus form

Use multi-screen Formotus mobile forms to move from one screen to another, the same way you navigate a website.

Show or hide fields in Formotus form

Show or hide new questions based on the answers to previous questions. Show or skip whole sections or screens based on field values and rules.

Query offline data in Formotus form

We've built an offline data source right into your Formotus mobile form so you can query in offline forms. This feature is one of the most popular of our offline data collection features. ​It is easy to set up and update. We will show you how.

Run rules in Formotus forms

Color sections in an offline form based on the data entered into a field. Set a field’s value to be the result of a calculation from a measurement of distance, time, temperature, etc. Hide, show, set, calculate, or format functions based on multiple logic conditions. Create business logic as complex as you need without coding.

Offline data validation and error checking

Verify that required fields have been completed in the required format. For example, Formotus mobile offline forms show the mobile user an error message if they enter letters where they should enter numbers.

Submit Formotus forms online or offline

Submit your Formotus mobile form while offline. ​When offline, submitted forms are saved in the outbox and will sync when your device reconnects to the network.