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Formotus and Golder Case Study

Field crews in the field rely on the robust capabilities of Formotus offline data collection

“Being able to submit completed forms offline and then have it automatically submit when you come into cell range or a Wi-Fi network is a huge benefit. The process is nice and seamless.” – Leigh Durland, GIS Applications Architect at Golder Associates

Golder needed to provide their field crews a way to collect offline data in areas where there aren’t any cellular data or Wi-Fi networks. They also wanted a more affordable alternative to the industrial-grade devices their team uses in the field.

Mobile forms for workers in the field

Field crews working in the field now use the Formotus Pro app to complete forms offline using iPads and smartphones. The minute the devices connect to a cellular data or Wi-Fi network, the data collected in the forms automatically uploads to Golder’s SQL server and SharePoint.


  • Field crews can now remain productive even when working offline without a connection to the wireless network.
  • The minute the mobile device has a data connection, the data collected in the form is submitted directly to company's SharePoint or SQL servers, including a copy of the form in PDF.
  • Golder is never short of licenses to use.

Formotus Offline Forms Check All the Boxes
Golder is an employee-owned, global organization that provides consulting, design, and construction services specializing in the earth, environment, and energy. As such, the company’s field crews often find themselves in remote areas collecting data in forms where there is no cellular service or Wi-Fi connectivity. Golder needed a solution that would allow field crews to collect all the data they needed in the field and then seamlessly upload it to the company’s SQL servers or SharePoint environment.

Offline Data Collection Is the Only Option in Northern Canada
Many of Golder’s projects are in undeveloped areas in Northern Canada. Field crews must visit these locations and complete a variety of forms while in the field. “Any company that doesn’t plan for offline data collection is kind of silly, in my opinion,” says Durland.

With Formotus, field crews have all the information they need to autocomplete and fill out forms correctly on their mobile devices—even without a data connection. Once the form is complete, field crews can submit their form to their Formotus form outbox on their mobile device, and know that the minute their device has a data connection the form's data will be submitted to the Golder servers. They don’t have to wait until they have a data connection to submit the form manually. The whole process is incredibly seamless.

Robust Offline Data Collection is Crucial
Before settling on Formotus, the company explored other forms options but most solutions didn’t offer offline capabilities, nor was their data secure. Durland also wanted a seamless experience which Formotus provides.

Golder Controls Their Data
For a company like Golder, the information they collect while doing inspections is highly sensitive, and ensuring that data is secure is essential. “Another reason we chose Formotus is that we control all of the data that is collected,” explains Durland.

With Formotus forms, a company’s data goes directly to their servers; it never passes through the Formotus servers since Formotus only hosts the original form. The data is sent directly to the server location that Golder specified when they created their Formotus form.. In this scenario, the forms' data is submitted to the company’s SharePoint or SQL servers, and includes an email submission as a backup.

Saving Time and Money
Golder has been using Formotus for about six years. One of the reasons for choosing Formotus was the ability to quickly produce a form and get it in the hands of their field crews.  Since adopting Formotus forms, the company has also been able to transition from using expensive enterprise-grade devices to outfitting the field crews with smartphones and tablets to collect their data. That’s been an enormous savings for the company.

Additionally, Durland uses the Formotus dashboard to ensure the field crews always have a way to complete forms using the Formotus Pro app. Formotus’ flexible licensing structure allows Durland to share licenses across multiple groups within his organization.

“We’ll never look at a solution that doesn’t offer offline capabilities.” – Leigh Durland, GIS Applications Architect at Golder Associates

Formotus and Quayle Industries Case Study

Formotus provides a drone business an utterly paperless way to manage projects

“My business is completely paper-free thanks to Formotus. Everything is on my tablet and I save time by sending my clients what they need while I’m in the field. Plus, I meet all governmental security regulations.”– Quinton Quayle, Founder of Quayle Industries

Quayle uses drones to perform asset inspections of cell phone towers, radio antennas and wind turbines to determine the work needed. The areas they can reach with a drone are often difficult for workers climbing up a pole and are much more efficient. The company uses the information they gather to submit bids to complete the work. Quayle wanted a paperless way to collect data that could then be imported into Google Sheets. The solution needed to meet GDPR standards and ensure they had complete control over all the data.

Flying droneSolution
Drone pilots in the field now use the Formotus Pro app to complete forms using a tablet. The data on the forms automatically uploads to Quayle’s Google Sheets, allowing the company to send professional bids, including videos and images, to clients in minutes.


  • Completely phased out the use of InfoPath forms.
  • The data collected on the form is sent directly to Google Sheets.
  • Automatically sends a professional report to clients in minutes.
  • Eliminates error-prone paper forms and improves accuracy.

Formotus Eradicates the Need for Paper Forms
Quayle Industries is a drone company that specializes in asset inspections using aerial videography to win projects and provide images of completed work. A drone has the unique ability to capture high-quality photos with wider and closer shots that you can only get to from the vantage point of the air. Quinton Quayle, Founder of Quayle Industries, wanted his company to become completely paper-free. He needed a forms solution that would allow him to document customer details, flight plan, site survey, post-flight data, and maintenance. With Formotus, he also got the ability to instantly send photos from the field to clients so they could review his work in close to real-time.

Formotus Provides a Mobile Alternative to InfoPath
Before using Formotus, Quayle relied on InfoPath to collect data. Since there’s no mobile version of InfoPath, completing forms in the field were time-consuming. The company was able to convert all their InfoPath forms into Formotus forms and have been able to eliminate the use of InfoPath forms completely. Best of all, he was able to find answers to all his questions at the Formotus support site.

Formotus’ seamless migration solution transforms InfoPath forms into powerful mobile forms that run on any iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device. Upload the InfoPath form and the Formotus mobile form software converter generates forms that can be deployed to anyone in the field.

Quayle Has Complete Control Over Its Data
While working with drones, Quayle collects sensitive customer information and is required to follow GDPR regulations. “I didn’t know Formotus is the only truly secure product available, but that’s one of the three reasons I chose Formotus,” says Quayle. The other reasons: ease of use and the robust technology behind Formotus.

A company’s data never passes through the Formotus servers since it only hosts the original form. The data collected in the field, including images and GPS coordinates are sent to Quayle’s Google Sheets. Eliminating paper from the equation also enhances security and improves accuracy.

Integration with Google Sheets Is a Huge Time-Saver
Before settling on Formotus, a client recommended trying another solution. While the product had a lot of features, they were restricted to use only in the app. “I wanted a product that I could use in the field on my iPad and in the office on my laptop,” explains Quayle.

The data in the forms is uploaded directly to Quayle’s Google Sheets. When he gets back to the office, information collected in the field using a form is at his disposal on his computer in the Formotus app for Windows. By clicking just one button, the client has everything they need.

“It saves me at least an hour a day, and everything is accurate.” — Quinton Quayle, Founder Quayle Industries

Customer support feedback
The initial response to my question was answered promptly and had information on the why of my problem and what was being done to solve it. The solution was available within a few days and worked perfectly. Hard to ask for better Customer Service than that!
Fast and responsive; has helped to ensure we have a good understanding of the product and can demonstrate effectively to clients.

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