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Here’s what Formotus customers have to say about the Formotus service.

Case Study 2016

Howard Kelly of Nviron was interviewed in April 2016 by Muhimbi about using both Muhimbi and "Formotus products in SharePoint integrations for Havmain and Semperian. In both cases Formotus is used to collect data on tablets in the field, then Muhimbi is used to convert the results to PDF files. Excerpts from the interview which you can read in full here:

"We especially like to purchase products from companies that have well-supported products / great support teams so we leave our clients in very capable hands once our labor/project is concluded. ... Formotus fits in this category and has become the field tool du jour.

"The team members out in the field mainly benefit from Formotus;  using it as a standard method of capturing data on an iPad or tablet is far less time-consuming,  stressful, or error-prone than the previous “every man for himself” method of capturing data however one prefers and later having to compile said data into a standard form.  Fewer errors on important reports and fewer stressed-out employees also benefit the organization as a whole as well.

Third Party Videos

Qdabra Software

nViron Ltd.

Reviews and Demos

Qdabra Software:
Qdabra Webinar Kit: InfoPath forms and the Formotus App for Mobile Devices

Converting Formotus mobile forms to PDF using the PDF Converter for SharePoint
Open InfoPath Filler forms using and Formotus

Tech Republic:
Take corporate workflow to tablets with Formotus forms

App Store Reviews

Powerful (2012, iOS)
Yes you need to have key elements in place first, but this is a very powerful tool for a business striving to be paperless. The expandability is as good as your skill set is. Formotus support is very responsive and knowledgeable. You must have InfoPath to create the form, and SharePoint so the forms have a place to go to. If you understand all this Formotus is a brilliant app to blend remote devices such as tablets into the mix of bringing your company into a paperless environment.

Formotus works great! (2013, iOS)
This product is a component I have been looking/waiting for that will add a new level of service for us in our reporting systems features. I have been designing and building inspection reporting systems ... for several years and have always hoped a solution would be developed to support more robust collection methods in the field.

Awesome! (2014, Windows)
Totally self contained application, easy to use, incredible to design your own forms. A must have application if you're using SharePoint and need mobile forms.

Great flexibility, stable (2015, iOS)
Formotus is the best forms builder application I've found in the App Store. Forms can be as simple or complex as your needs are. Your limitation of what you can build is pretty well limited to your imagination. You will need a copy of MS InfoPath to design the forms. I recommend giving Formotus a free trial.

Customer support feedback

The initial response to my question was answered promptly and had information on the why of my problem and what was being done to solve it. The solution was available within a few days and worked perfectly. Hard to ask for better Customer Service than that!

Fast and responsive; has helped to ensure we have a good understanding of the product and can demonstrate effectively to clients.

You all are awesome and we appreciate the timely responses greatly. Thanks!