Formotus Forms adapted on any display size

Best For: Organizations that need a robust offline experience using the forms.

Easily distribute your forms to different licensed users in the field. Use the Formotus Pro app to run your Formotus mobile business forms anywhere. The Formotus Pro app is free for anyone to download and use.  Formotus Pro is localized in Arabic, Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian/Malaysian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Any registered team members can access and update the forms on their mobile device. There’s no limit to the amount of forms licensed users can submit from the Formotus Pro app. Users can collect form data in the field—even offline. Once a team member has an internet connection, the information captured in the form is automatically uploaded to your data collection repository.

Build and Complete Secure GDPR Compliant Business Forms in Minutes

  1. Start a Formotus free trial at or sign into your Formotus account.
  2. Use the easy drag-and-drop mobile form builder to create your business forms. Add data connectors to populate drop-downs and submit data to your company’s data store.
  3. Registered team members using the Formotus Pro app can open the form and fill it in. They can even create a new draft of the form offline.
  4. Users can complete the forms efficiently and securely online or offline and then submit it to your company’s backend or cloud data stores.

Streamline Workflow with Formotus Pro Digital Forms

The Formotus Pro app features a client-side workflow feature that enables an organization to move work assignments from one mobile user to other mobile users in the field (Note: this feature is only available in the Enterprise Plan). Account administrators can control who has access to each form, so you know the right forms are in the right hands.

Formotus is the only form solution that never stores any of the data captured in the forms. The data collected in the field never passes through the Formotus servers. The Formotus SaaS business form solution supports offline data collection and is GDPR and HIPPA compliant.