Formotus Now App

Best For: Users that don’t have a Formotus account but need to complete a Formotus form.

Need to get a form completed by people not included in your Formotus account? No problem. The Formotus Now mobile form app is free for anyone to download, and works with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Windows 10 devices.

Send users the appropriate link to access your form. It will be sent to them with all the features you designed it, with using the Formotus mobile form builder.

How the Formotus Now Mobile Forms Work

  1. Create a form using the web-based Formotus creator.
  2. Send the link to anyone you need to complete the form.
  3. They need to download the free Formotus Now app in order to complete the form. They can use their mobile device and securely submit the data to your company.

Completely Secure Business Forms

Formotus is the only form solution that never stores any of your data captured in the form. The Formotus SaaS business form solution is GDPR and HIPPA compliant.

The Formotus Now app is free to download and use for anyone completing a Formotus digital form. The company that built the form will pay an app-click fee for any unlicensed user who is using the Formotus Now form.