Your Formotus mobile forms can be used by the members of your team that have a Formotus license. The Formotus Now app will enable you to also deploy your Formotus mobile forms to anyone inside or outside your organization, even if they are not licensed in your Formotus account.


The Formotus Pro app enables powerful offline use capability for your mobile forms.

  • Licensed users can submit an unlimited number of forms
  • Mobile forms run in the Formotus Pro app
  • Licensed users to sign in to Formotus Pro app with credentials
  • Account administrators deploy mobile forms to the licensed users
  • Admins control which users have access to which mobile form
  • Users can create a new draft of a mobile form offline
  • Users can fill out and submit mobile forms while offline


A unique and powerful way to reach wider audiences with your mobile forms. Just share a link by email or on a web page, and anyone who clicks it will access your form in the Formotus Now app.
Formotus anonymous users Formotus Now
  • No license required for users—you only pay per mobile form used
  • Mobile forms run in the Formotus Now app
  • Admins create a URL link to the mobile form in the Formotus portal
  • Anyone you give the Formotus Now link can open the mobile form
  • No credentials required
  • Access to the Formotus Now links are metered (time/date or number of clicks)
  • The Formotus Now app works best online
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