Formotus has powerful capabilities that enable you to create robust mobile forms for your team without coding.
*Features are offered depending on the plan you subscribe to

Create and customize mobile forms without any coding skills.
Import your InfoPath forms and deploy them on our Formotus apps.
Set up connections within your form to retrieve and submit data.
Stay productive and submit forms in the field without any wireless connection.
Collect data from authorized users. Data is never transmitted or stored on our servers.
Use Formotus workflow to route work, create approval workflows, and dispatch field service workers.
Distribute forms to licensed or anonymous users via Formotus Pro and Formotus Now.
Add conditional logic and assign rules to hide, show or set values based on users actions.


Use the Formotus form creator to easily build powerful mobile forms

Formotus mobile form creator dashboard
  • Design multi-screen forms with navigation
  • Add controls easily into your form
  • Responsive form design that adapts to any screen size
  • Rich controls that capture media and data (Signature, Camera, Location and more)
  • Conditional form logic that allows you to add complex rules and actions
  • Seamless data connection to query and submit data


Upload your InfoPath XSNs and instantly convert them into powerful mobile forms

Formotus mobile forms InfoPath migration replacement substitute conversion
  • Enhance InfoPath Designer with Formotus InfoPath custom controls to capture photos, signatures, GPS, maps, barcodes, and more.
  • Upload InfoPath form templates to the Formotus portal and deploy them to your mobile users.
  • View reports mobile users devices, forms usage and more in the Formotus portal.
  • Deploy “offline-first” forms that work without an LTE or WiFi connection
  • Run your converted InfoPath forms on iOS, Windows 10 and Android devices.