Formotus Plans - Basic, Team, Enterprise (selected)

Best For: Large companies or enterprises with multiple locations that need powerful data collection controls, the ability to build unlimited forms, and complex workflow and dispatch features. People who sign up for this plan want to:

  • Convert InfoPath forms into mobile forms.
  • Use enhanced security features (enforced secure passwords, mandatory password changes).
  • Add/remove users at any time and stop access immediately.

The Formotus Enterprise Plan is perfect for organizations that have multiple people creating forms, a fluctuating amount of people collecting data in the field and need to streamline workflow and collaboration. The Enterprise Plan includes all the features available in the Team Plan, and adds Federated SharePoint authentication.

If you’re interested in a plan for one mobile user see the Formotus Basic Plan, or if you’re interested in a plan where you have up to 65 users collecting form data in the field see the Formotus Team Plan.

Unapparelled Security for Enterprise Mobile Forms

With the Enterprise Plan you can rest assured that your data is secure. As is the case with all our plans, data collected in forms never pass through Formotus servers, providing an unprecedented level of security. You can easily create an unlimited number of secure mobile forms using our drag-and drop form creator and take advantage of advanced security features such as mandatory password changes and enforced secure password.

Robust Enterprise-grade Mobile Form Software

  • Advanced workflow and dispatch for assigning work (Using SharePoint or Google Drive)
  • Add/remove users at any time, Formotus automatically prorates the licenses
  • Link multiple accounts and control licenses from a single master account
  • Share administrators (guest administrators)
  • Powerful data collection controls such as GPS capture, barcodes, timestamps, and signatures available online or offline

Seamlessly Integrates with Current Business Tools

  • Convert existing InfoPath forms into mobile forms
  • Promote fields from the mobile form to SharePoint lists, SharePoint libraries, and Google Sheets
  • Integrates easily with Google Sheets and SharePoint with the ability to promote data as columns and fields to columns
  • Submit forms to SharePoint library
  • Submit data to Google Docs
  • Query online data sources (SharePoint list, Google Sheets, web services)See all the features available in the Formotus Enterprise Plan

Innovative Enterprise Mobile Form Pricing Structure

Best For: A company with multiple teams and changing needs, who want the flexibility to turn on and off users with ease and stop access immediately.

The Enterprise Plan features volume license discounts using flexible license-months so all of your licenses can be in play regardless of which users they’re originally assigned to. We also have a managed organization structure that gives administrators more freedom with license management that no other SaaS forms solution offers. While we only accept credit card payments for our other two plans, we do offer invoicing for enterprise customers.

  • Share license-months across all of the users in your account
  • Share app-clicks across all of the forms in your account
  • Customized support packages available
  • Volume license discounts for license-months and app-clicks
  • License-months and app-clicks don’t expire
  • Add/remove users at any time, Formotus automatically prorates the licenses
  • Can pay by credit card, money orders, check, or wire transfer

Contact us at 206-973-4444 for more information on our Enterprise Plan and how to get unprecedented savings with our managed organization functionality and flexible pricing structure.

No credit card required

Formotus Mobile Form Software User Scenario

A large engineering company wants to track its customer projects individually. The company’s Formotus administrator requests to set up a Master org that can manage the entire account and then purchases license-month for the master org. The Master org can add Managed orgs to the admin as needed. Each Managed org allows the Formotus administrator to group users on a per project or per geography basis. All users and forms for that project or location are loaded into the Managed org dashboard. This setup enables the engineering company to track license-month consumption, mobile user activity, mobile devices registered, and form performance for each project or location.