Tech tip: Using email to Send InfoPath forms to SharePoint


Ms. Neagu is a noted expert on data applications and XML technologies. Adriana was co-inventor of Microsoft Office InfoPath, and co-holds 4 InfoPath patents.

Email provides an alternative method for submitting form data to SharePoint. Unlike submitting directly to a SharePoint data connection, this method does not require mobile users to have SharePoint credentials, and the InfoPath form does not require full trust. This can simplify the mobile user experience, shield your SharePoint site from unnecessary access, and prevent one user from being able to see another user’s submitted data source.

Configure SharePoint 2010 to receive incoming email

Note: SharePoint Online (Office 365) does not send Infopath forms via email.

  1. If you need to configure Central Admin to enable libraries to receive email, find instructions here.
  2. Publish your InfoPath form to a SharePoint library.
  3. Open the library where the form is published
  4. Click Library Settingson the Library tabLibrary Settings
  5. Under Communications, click Incoming e-mail settings
    Click Incoming Email Settings
  6. Click Yes to allow the library to receive email, enter an email address to use, and click Accept e-mail messages from any senderSharePoint email settings logo
  7.  Copy the complete email address somewhere for future use and click OK.

Configure InfoPath to submit to SharePoint’s email address

  1.  Open the InfoPath form template in Design mode.
  2. Click File | Info | Submit Form under Submit Options | To EmailSubmit to Email
  3. In the To field, enter the complete SharePoint incoming email address
  4. Recommended: Add a Submit button to the form.
  5. Finish the wizard, save and publish the form.

Deploy as a Formotus mobile form

Now you can upload the InfoPath form to your Formotus account from SharePoint and deploy it to mobile users. When they submit the form from a mobile device, the form data will attach to an Infopath Form to an email and end up in the SharePoint document library.


  • The form must be uploaded to Formotus from the SharePoint library where it submits.
  • The From address will not be retained by SharePoint.
  • Only the InfoPath form will be saved in SharePoint, no other file attachments.
  • For added security you can have the form submit to a second email address that will forward it to the actual address