Electronic Signature Capture with Mobile Forms


Joe is serial entrepreneur who has been a pioneer in a variety of emerging technologies, including creating one of the 1st digital media companies at the advent of the Internet.

Add our custom ink control to your Formotus forms to capture all kinds of signatures and diagrams in the field.

No Special Equipment Required

Why use a dedicated signature capture pad when today’s mobile devices have touch screens that can be used for mobile signature capture?

Formotus mobile forms are custom mobile business forms you can create without coding and deploy to many different kinds of mobile devices to capture signature, handwriting, diagrams or annotations.

The data and signatures you collect can be submitted back to the office from the field using the mobile phone’s wireless data connection.

Inking for Any Purpose

Formotus mobile business forms are custom apps designed specifically for your business needs, including signature capture and electronic inking. This can be a great solution for organizations who need, for example:

  • Signature capture for mobile service calls
  • Signature capture for deliveries
  • Electronic Signature capture with Google Forms Signature Pad
  • Ink capture for inspection diagramming
  • Ink capture for medical diagramming

Formotus mobile forms can capture signatures with a stylus or a finger on the touchscreen, with options for adjusting the color and thickness of the ink line. An undo function lets you back out of a mistaken line without starting over.

Photo and Location Capture Too

Signatures and ink are not the only data you can capture from a smartphone. You can also snap photos straight into a form with one click and then annotate them with ink. You can also timestamp and geo-tag your data with GPS coordinates.



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