Troubleshooting SharePoint Mobile Views and InfoPath Forms


Ms. Neagu is a noted expert on data applications and XML technologies. Adriana was co-inventor of Microsoft Office InfoPath, and co-holds 4 InfoPath patents.

Screenshot of mobile view error generated on SharePoint

Update: Track all the latest changes in InfoPath support and replacement here

SharePoint Online  still supports InfoPath browser forms — but not in mobile views.

“Something went wrong”

Yesterday a new knowledge base article appeared on the Microsoft support site regarding the use of InfoPath browser forms with SharePoint Online with mobile view enabled on devices. In short, it doesn’t work. Mobile users need to switch to full-screen view to display InfoPath forms.

The Microsoft article is excerpted below. The article does not specify a few things, namely:

  • Is this a new issue, or were InfoPath forms ever supported in mobile views?
  • Is there any intent to fix the issue?
  • Will the same issue apply to SharePoint 2016 on premises?

Our guess? The issue is unlikely to be fixed, given that InfoPath is being retired. Best to consider alternatives.

Your alternatives

  1. Don’t enable mobile views. Your mobile users will need to do everything in full-screen view in order to be able to fill InfoPath forms.
  2. Abandon InfoPath. You’ll need to develop mobile forms from scratch or find and convert to a third-party forms solution that meets your needs.
  3. Switch to mobile apps. Formotus offers the only solution for filling InfoPath forms in mobile apps. Learn more

Article excerpt

From Microsoft KB article 3092872:


On a mobile device, you browse to a forms library that contains a published InfoPath form. When you click the form, you receive the following error message:

Sorry, something went wrong.
An unexpected error has occurred.


To work around this issue, use full-screen view (also known as PC view) on your mobile device, and then click InfoPath form to open it.

For more information about the full-screen view, see the following Microsoft website:

Note In this scenario, you may have to browse to another list or library to receive the option to switch to full-screen view.