Rapid Mobile App Design Without Coding


Joe is serial entrepreneur who has been a pioneer in a variety of emerging technologies, including creating one of the 1st digital media companies at the advent of the Internet.

Native apps are expensive to develop and maintain. Browsers are fairly useless offline. Now there’s a better way.

Mobile App Design: A New Model

Forget App Development – Use Formotus Instead

You don’t need any development skills when you use the Formotus service for mobile form creation.  Formotus forms are so powerful they work like apps, even offline.

“By 2018, more than half of all B2E mobile apps will be created by enterprise business analysts using codeless tools.” -Gartner

Formotus provides a fully developed and thoroughly tested native mobile app that’s already in your favorite app store (iOS, Android, Windows). Formotus handles all the things you don’t want to worry about such as security, offline file sync, data connections, and cross-platform device integration. This leaves you free to focus on your custom app design — business logic and UI tailored specifically to your organization’s unique requirements.

Your solutions can be as simple as a paper form or as sophisticated as a business app with multi-screen navigation, data validation, and all kinds of complex rules and calculations. It’s up to you.

Feature Rich

  • Offline optimized forms
  • Signature, photo, GPS, barcode capture
  • Connect data anywhere

Rapid & Economical

  • No coding required
  • Rapid deployment
  • Low cost ramp-up

Trusted Solutions

  • Usage over 2 million and climbing
  • Secure and compliant
  • We don’t store your sensitive data

Design Once, Deploy Anywhere

It’s easy to create custom mobile forms with the Formotus creator. Just drag and drop the controls you need to capture signatures, photos, GPS locations, barcodes and more. Then you’ll deploy from the cloud to mobile users on any iOS, Android or modern Windows device. Your form on the device can connect directly to your data wherever it resides: SharePoint, Google, web services, etc. We don’t store your data, you do.

Formotus Architecture



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