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Office 365 Enterprise E3 Free Trial
Get your free trial of O365 E3 now!

Office 365 Enterprise E3
Free Trial

O365 E3 is our customer favorite

We recommend a free trial of Enterprise E3 to everyone, even if you may ultimately decide on a lower priced edition to purchase. This gives you a chance to try out Lync, Access, InfoPath and some other features to see if you want them. Office 365 Enterprise E3 is also a great companion to a Formotus free trial.

Guide to  Office 365 for Formotus Users

You can supplement your Formotus account with a 30-day Microsoft free trial of Office 365 (Enterprise E3 edition). This is the top-of-the-line plan that includes everything you might need. While you’re evaluating Formotus you can also evaluate Office 365 features to determine if this is the right plan for you moving forward.

The features most often found valuable by Formotus customers include:

  • InfoPath. Formotus lets you design forms in InfoPath, then upload and deploy them as mobile apps. Not every Office 365 plan is licensed for InfoPath, but Enterprise E3 qualifies. Try out Formotus mobile apps
  • Basic SharePoint. Many Formotus customers choose to use SharePoint as the easiest way to store their completed forms and data. All versions of SharePoint include the necessary form library functionality needed for that storage. Some customers who already have access to on-premise SharePoint find it convenient to develop their forms in a separate Office 365 environment instead.
  • Advanced SharePoint. Some valuable features are only available in the Enterprise-level plans. These include InfoPath Forms services for using InfoPath in the browser, Business Connectivity Services, Excel Services, PowerPivot and PowerView, all of which can be useful in manipulating and visualizing data collected in Formotus forms.

During your Office 365 free trial, we suggest you decide which of the above options you need, then identify the plan that best meets your needs when it’s time to subscribe.


7 Ways to Mobilize Your Business with Formotus and Office 365

Your SharePoint data can power enterprise mobility through Formotus custom mobile apps. Here are seven ways you can mobilize your SharePoint data using Formotus.

1 Fill InfoPath-compatible forms using Formotus mobile apps for iOS, Windows 8 and Android

You can upload an InfoPath form to the Formotus portal and deploy it to your mobile users in native mobile apps. Unlike browsers, these apps are optimized for offline opening, filling and submitting of forms.

2 Submit forms to libraries with photos, signatures, GPS, maps, barcodes and more

Formotus mobile apps are native to each platform and can, therefore, capture more kinds of data directly from the mobile device sensors. Our custom controls extend the power of InfoPath into the mobile world.

3 Click in a form library to re-open a submitted form in a mobile app

This newly released feature enables much tighter integration with SharePoint libraries. You can now add a column to your SharePoint form library with a link to open each submitted instance (XML form).

4 Create public-facing forms that let anyone connect to SharePoint data

Our on-demand forms service allows users of our second mobile app, Formotus Now, to open and fill forms anonymously that contain secure data connections to your SharePoint lists and libraries.

5 Submit data to multiple SharePoint lists from within a single form

We created a custom control for InfoPath that lets you easily connect a repeating table in your form to a SharePoint list. In the mobile app the user can enter items in the list and click to update the list. Multiple controls can update multiple lists in the same form.

6 Capture mobile camera photos and submit them to an image library

Formotus mobile apps support SharePoint’s imaging.asmx web service. This means you can build a form using our custom camera control and use it to submit captured photos directly to an image library on your SharePoint site.

7 Route forms to mobile users based on field values – without SharePoint workflows
Formotus workflow forms
Workflow forms

Formotus workflow forms are a special type of form that turns any SharePoint form library into a mobile dispatch center. This routing system is entirely separate — and compatible with — any SharePoint or Nintex workflows you might also be using.

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