Muhimbi converts Formotus forms to PDF on SharePoint


Ms. Neagu is a noted expert on data applications and XML technologies. Adriana was co-inventor of Microsoft Office InfoPath, and co-holds 4 InfoPath patents.

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Formotus to PDF via Muhimbi

Some Formotus customers submit their completed Formotus forms by email, others submit to SharePoint form libraries, and many of our customers do dual submits to both a data store and to email. If you submit your Formotus forms by email Formotus lets you attach them as PDF files right from your device. But what if you submit to SharePoint and want PDF? For that, there’s Muhimbi, the best-of-breed solution for SharePoint-based PDF conversion.

There are two primary reasons customers want PDF files in addition to the XML files that Formotus submits to SharePoint libraries:

  • Widespread accessibility. PDF is a universal format that enables anyone to view your forms without needing Formotus apps or InfoPath installed.
  • Reliable archiving. PDF provides a snapshot of forms at the time they were submitted, which is valuable for purposes of backup and compliance. Like other documents, Formotus forms can be edited after the fact, and PDF provides companies with a record of the original version.

Muhimbi has tested their PDF conversion products with Formotus forms and verified their compatibility. As summed up in a Muhimbi blog post last week:

“The main take away as far as Formotus is concerned is that it is developed by some of the original members of Microsoft’s InfoPath team and that it is compatible with InfoPath making it relatively easy to migrate. MuhimbiAs a result, Muhimbi’s range of PDF Conversion products can convert forms generated with Formotus without problem. As far as our software is concerned all it sees is InfoPath forms. No need to make any changes, you can start using it immediately, something that quite a few of our customers have already started doing.”

Muhimbi’s PDF converter is available for SharePoint and SharePoint Online.