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Healthcare Apps for iPad, Android & Windows

Healthcare organizations and providers use the Formotus service to replace paper forms with electronic forms in mobile apps. Mobile healthcare providers such as paramedics and emergency medical technicians use the Formotus service for robust offline form-filling capabilities even when the internet connection is lost. All kinds of clinics and practices use Formotus forms for paperless completion and storage of new patient forms for intake, informed consent and HIPAA privacy rules, complete with signatures inked on the screen. Providers’ notes are captured electronically during  a visit — including the ability to snap a photo and draw on it.

Who Uses Formotus

Healthcare organizations and providers of all kinds use the Formotus service to replace paper forms with electronic forms in mobile apps.

  • Clinics of all kinds
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Paramedics and EMTs
  • Visiting nurses
  • Hospitals

Custom Mobile Healthcare Informed Consent Form Apps

Every Formotus form is custom, designed to match your specific healthcare provider requirements. There’s no limit to the kind and number of forms you can use.

  • New patient intake and medical history forms
  • Informed consent and privacy forms
  • Health evaluation
  • Doctors’ notes from visit
  • Case management

Self Storage of Data

Here’s an important point when comparing healthcare app solutions: patient information never touches Formotus servers. That’s right, the data travels directly from the device to the storage location you choose. Be aware that some form vendors require you to send patient data to their servers.

  • Store as PDF or HTML files anywhere
    (computer, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Store on SharePoint or Office 365
    (a good choice for compliance)
  • Store on your own back-end system
    (use SOAP/REST web services)

Example Form

Pain Questionnaire

You can experience this form simply by installing the free Formotus app from your favorite store for iOS, Android or Windows. See for yourself how Formotus forms are so dynamic they work like mobile healthcare consent form apps.

  • Optimized for iPads and tablets (Windows / Android)
  • Draw symptoms on a human body diagram
  • Evaluate pain on a 0-5 scale with facial cues
  • Describe disability level with a single button tap
  • Capture a participant’s signature on screen
  • Email as an attachment optimized for printing
Pain Questionnaire
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