Lowering the Bar for Rapid Mobile App Creation


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Formotus RMAD creator

Formotus Dramatically Simplifies Digital Business Transformation with New No-Code RMAD Offerings

Enterprise mobility company Formotus announced today that custom mobile business apps are now within easy reach for more organizations than ever before, thanks to its new online creator for rapid mobile app design (RMAD) without coding. For the first time in its 10-year history, Formotus now offers customers a preferred alternative to Microsoft InfoPath for designing mobile business forms.

July 21, 2016

Formotus, Inc. today announced that it’s putting custom mobile business apps within easy reach for a far larger number of organizations than ever before. New options available immediately include an easy-to-use online form creator, simplified app sharing with anyone by email, and attractive new subscription plans based on app usage metrics.

“Over the last decade, we’ve built a solid platform optimized for the field-workforce needs of our Fortune 100 customers,” said Formotus co-founder and CEO Adriana Neagu. “Today, we’re excited to unveil the next phase of our service by making our proven technology available everywhere – easier to create, easier to distribute, and easier to afford for companies that don’t need all of the advanced features of our enterprise offering.”

The new Formotus online form creator, released from beta this week, is now the recommended starting point for do-it-yourself mobile business app design. In the past, Formotus customers have relied on Microsoft InfoPath for form design. Formotus will continue to support InfoPath but now recommends customers start new projects online in the Formotus cloud console instead.

Capstone Release

Today’s release marks the completion and convergence of several new technologies pioneered by Formotus:

  • The Formotus Now app, which anyone can open simply by clicking a link, providing a rich, custom native app experience.
  • Formotus Now links, which give the customer control over the quantity, frequency, and date ranges of app usage.
  • App-clicks, which are the measure of Formotus Now usage.
  • The Formotus online form creator, now released from beta, which enables non-developers to easily create custom apps in a drag-and-drop environment.

Today, Formotus is also announcing two brand new subscription plans—Starter and Team. These two new plans, in combination with our popular Enterprise plan, make Formotus app solutions accessible for any size project/budget.

Proven No-code Solutions

The high costs of mobile app development have given rise lately to a number of ‘low-code’ alternatives. Rapid Mobile Application Development (RMAD) encompasses a wide range of solutions, most of which Formotus preceded. Formotus offers a winning combination of benefits:

  • No coding is required — perfect for ‘citizen developers’
  • Design just once, and run cross-platform on iOS, Windows, and Android
  • Native app experience, not just web or containerized web pages
  • Real production-hardened solutions since 2008, not just prototype apps
  • Built-in SharePoint support: query and submit SharePoint data
  • Manage and control app access in real time
  • Connect your devices directly to your data — Formotus does not store your data

Supplanting InfoPath Gradually
“Since Microsoft announced in 2014 the retirement of its InfoPath form design product, there has been uncertainty among InfoPath users about what to do next,” said CEO Neagu, an inventor of InfoPath at Microsoft before co-founding Formotus. “Some have tried to capitalize on this uncertainty by pushing people to abandon InfoPath in favor of their own products. But at Formotus, we take a different approach.”

Neagu urges InfoPath users to take the long view. “There’s no hurry to abandon InfoPath,” she points out, “because Microsoft will support it until 2026 — and so will we, for as long as it’s useful to our customers. Formotus even helps companies extend the life of their InfoPath investment by augmenting InfoPath forms with mobile-first and cloud-first technologies for the modern era.”

Formotus has published guidance recommending continued use of InfoPath for existing projects for as long as it meets the customer’s needs. However, Formotus encourages customers to begin new projects using the Formotus form creator instead. Forms created in InfoPath and forms created with the Formotus creator will run seamlessly side-by-side in Formotus mobile apps.