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Ms. Neagu is a noted expert on data applications and XML technologies. Adriana was co-inventor of Microsoft Office InfoPath, and co-holds 4 InfoPath patents.

Inspections are about visiting a location, collecting data, making evaluations, and returning your findings to a central repository for storage or further action. Why not go paperless with mobile inspection forms software on an iPad, Android or Windows  tablet?

Need Better Inspection Forms?

The Problems with Paper Forms

Most mobile inspections are still done using paper forms in the field. Everyone knows the disadvantages of paper forms:

  • Paper forms can be damaged, lost, or filled out with ambiguous or invalid data.
  • The data must usually be transcribed from paper, re-keyed into a computer, and checked for errors.
  • Paper forms often need filing, archiving and warehousing even after the data is transcribed into electronic form.
  • The need for physical transport and re-keyinig significantly slows business processes and introduces unnecessary errors and costs.

The Limitations of Laptops

Some companies have tried using mobile inspection software on laptop PCs. Laptops have not proven ideal for this kind of field work:

  • Laptops and data collection software are an expensive IT investment to acquire, update and maintain.
  • Power supply is an issue for a inspectors who are on the road all day.
  • Size, weight and durability are issues for those who work on their feet.
  • Connectivity is an issue for companies who want access to collected data in real time.

Advantages with Formotus Mobile Inspection Forms

Safety Inspection
Demo Safety Inspection form app on iPad  (click to enlarge)

Now you can use mobile inspection form software that works on an iPad or Android tablet, and gain these advantages:

True Mobility. Formotus forms work on iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets smartphones, and soon Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets. These include devices that weigh almost nothing and last all day on a charge.

Real Time Connectivity. Inspection forms can be submitted by email or right into your SharePoint or backend business systems from the field, in real time, over-the-air on any data network.

Offline Productivity. What if your inspectors work where the data connection is unreliable, unavailable, or prohibited? Not to worry. Formotus mobile software is designed to work perfectly offline so inspectors can work all day or all week without a connection if they need to.

Advanced Data Collection. Put modern technology to work for your inspectors. Snap a photo directly into a form. Collect a signature or mark up a diagram using the touch screen. Add a timestamp and  GPS place stamp to the form.

Enhanced Data Precision. Formotus forms are intelligent. Your custom forms are able to offer the inspector different questions based on previous answers, to auto-fill fields, to validate data, and to perform calculations in the field.

Inspection Form Photo & Ink (click to enlarge)
Inspection Form with Photo and Ink (click to enlarge)

Total Flexibility. Every Formotus form can be uniquely customized to your needs, whether for building inspection, safety inspection, field inspection, home inspections, property

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