InfoPath Forms Services Update


Ms. Neagu is a noted expert on data applications and XML technologies. Adriana was co-inventor of Microsoft Office InfoPath, and co-holds 4 InfoPath patents.

Microsoft: InfoPath Forms Services will be shut down on SharePoint Online (Office 365)

Takeaway: Expect a one-year notice

On June 6 in a “Developer YamJam” event on a Microsoft external network on Yammer, the question of the future of InfoPath Forms Services (IPFS) came up. (IPFS is what allows InfoPath forms to be displayed and filled in a browser on a SharePoint site.)

Here’s the gist:

“InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint Online (Office 365) will be maintained until the next on-premises release of SharePoint. We will provide a year’s notice (via blog post) before turning off IPFS in the service.

This is the first new public information we’ve seen from Microsoft about InfoPath since the packed SPC348 session at the SharePoint Conference in January.

Here’s an alternative to InfoPath Forms Services

Formotus offers mobile apps for filling InfoPath forms on Windows 10, iOS and Android devices. Not only do our ‘filler’ apps work offline, but they support great features beyond what InfoPath can do. Check out a quick 1-minute demo video featuring our Windows app:

And here’s how it looks on iPad:

InfoPath Forms Services alternative: Formotus for iPad
InfoPath Forms Services alternative: Formotus for iPad