How to make InfoPath dial your phone and perform other mobile feats


Ms. Neagu is a noted expert on data applications and XML technologies. Adriana was co-inventor of Microsoft Office InfoPath, and co-holds 4 InfoPath patents.

If your workers in the field are using InfoPath forms on mobile devices, you may want to enable their forms to place calls or retrieve maps or directions. Here’s how.

The following InfoPath template parts are provided free for your convenience to enable handy mobile-oriented functions within your forms.  They are tested and known to work on the Formotus platform, but they may also prove useful in browser-based forms or on laptops running InfoPath.

For installation instructions and additional templates that only work with Formotus Forms Central (camera, ink, annotation, location and device info), see this article in Formotus support.

DialDial Control
Include a phone number in a form that the mobile user can dial with one tap, assuming the device has telephone functionality.

MapMap Address Control
Use a hyperlink to open a Google map showing an address in the form. A similar link could point to Bing or Mapquest if you prefer.

DirectionsDirections Control
Use a hyperlink to open a Google map showing directions between two addresses in the form.

KeypadKeypad Control
Include an easy way for users to enter numbers in a form by using large buttons in the form as a keypad.

Note: The keypad contents may need to be cut and pasted outside the template part section before the keypad will work correctly. The empty section can then be deleted.