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Google G Suite

“G Suite” is the new name for Google for Work

Google, as anticipated, unveiled new “G Suite” and “Google Cloud” branding for its business offerings today. Let’s take a look at what’s been posted on it on day one.

Google Blog Posts

The Google Cloud official blog today had several posts, excerpted below.

Introducing Google Cloud by Diane Greene:

Google Cloud spans every layer. It includes all of Google Cloud Platform; our user facing collaboration and productivity applications — now named G Suite; all of our machine learning tools and APIs, the enterprise maps APIs; and the Android phones, tablets and Chromebooks that access the cloud. All of this, built for the cloud from the get-go.

All together now. Introducing G Suite by Kelly Campbell:

We created Google Apps for Work ten years ago (back when it was Google Apps for Your Domain)…. And today, we’re introducing a new name that better reflects this mission: G Suite. G Suite is a set of intelligent apps—Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more—designed to bring people together, with real-time collaboration built in from the start.

G Suite: intelligent tools designed for teams by Prabhakar Raghavan:

Repetitive, mechanical tasks that take up our time are exactly the kinds of tasks that computers are great at, and advances in machine intelligence help make this a reality. Today we’re launching new capabilities across G Suite to help employees reclaim their time and come together as teams on strategic and creative projects so they can better serve their customers.

Google Product Pages

Google for Work links now redirect to  where the new branding is visually represented like this:

G Suite in the Google Cloud
G Suite in the Google Cloud

Two pieces of branding seem a bit unclear:

What’s the difference between Google Cloud and Google Cloud Platform?  Here it says

Google Cloud Platform is part of Google Cloud, with new services offerings. Learn about our business solutions, including Google Maps, Android, Chrome, and G Suite — our suite of intelligent apps for email, documents, calendars and cloud storage.

It might be that Google Cloud Platform is everything in the Google Cloud that is aimed at business and enterprise, but that’s not spelled out clearly.

Google Docs seems to have two meanings. In the diagram above it’s a stand-in for all of the office-type apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms), but on other pages it’s just the word processing app. On this G Suite page, for example, there are 12 apps in G Suite and Google Docs is just word processing.

G Suite Products
Products listed on the G Suite page

Where does Formotus fit in with G Suite?

Formotus enables enterprise-grade business forms in apps for Android, iOS and Windows. We recently announced our integration with Google Sheets and Google Drive so that both form data and form documents can be stored in the Google Cloud.

In the new branding architecture above, Formotus plays in the bottom left corner:

Where Formotus fits in the G Suite
Where Formotus fits in the G Suite

More specifically, Formotus submits data to Google Sheets and PDF files to Drive, with links in the Sheet to open the PDF. This lets organizations save and access visual data such as photos and signatures from Google Sheets.

Formotus with Sheets and Drive
How Formotus works with Sheets and Google Drive

Learn more about Formotus with Sheets and Drive


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