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Looking for a Google forms app?

Unlike Google Sheets and Google Docs, there is no Google Forms app. You can use Formotus instead for enterprise-grade data collection forms in apps that work offline and connect online to Google Sheets.

You can use a Formotus mobile form app instead of a Google form to gather data from respondents into a Google Sheet. Form responses automatically become rows and form questions become columns in your spreadsheet. Formotus mobile apps offer several advantages over Google Forms in a browser:

Offline optimized. The ability to stay productive without internet is not an afterthought at Formotus. It’s in the DNA of our offline-first app design. Formotus forms run in native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows, and are fully functional without an internet connection. Business logic, conditional sections, calculations, buttons — everything works offline.

More question types. Beyond the usual options like question textboxes and multiple choice answers, Formotus forms add the ability to collect rich mobile data such as signatures, photos, GPS locations, barcodes and more.

Form docs on Google Drive. In addition to collecting form data feedback in Google Sheets, Formotus apps also submit your form responses as PDF documents in a folder on Google Drive. This enables you to view, print and archive your submissions, complete with visual data such as signatures and photos.

Watch how easy it is to create a data connection that integrates your Formotus form builder with your Google account:

Google forms are for education and surveys

If you’re using G Suite or Google Apps (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive) for your business, you may think about using Google Forms as well. But when you investigate Google Forms for your business needs, you may notice the prominence of classroom (not business) scenarios. Google forms and add-ons seem to be optimized for teachers collecting form responses to quizzes, creating tutorials for students, gathering survey results in spreadsheets, displaying graphs, etc. Common business forms for use in the form fields — inspections, work orders, invoices, expense reports, etc. — are clearly much less the focus in Google Forms.

Formotus forms offer an enterprise-grade solution for offline work, rich data collection, and business workflows.

Compare Google forms and Formotus form apps

Google Forms

  • No mobile app
  • No offline support
  • Education/classroom focus
  • Basic question/answer controls
  • Only submits to Google Sheets

Formotus Forms

Learn more about how Formotus works with Google Sheets and Drive


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