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Connect Formotus to Google Drive and Google Sheets

Create robust forms for mobile apps that add real business value to Google Drive and Google Apps.

Note: Google recently did some rebranding and renamed Google for Work as ‘G Suite’. Formotus now integrates with G Suite in the Google Cloud.

Forms for Google Drive and SheetsWhy you want Formotus forms with your Google

Formotus brings robust enterprise-grade business forms to your Google Drive environment.

  • Collect rich data in mobile forms that work offline, including signatures, photos, diagrams, barcodes, GPS locations and more.
  • Store your submitted forms on Google Drive, where they can be viewed as PDF files or opened for editing in the Formotus Now app.
  • Aggregate and analyze your submitted data in Google Sheets, which acts like a dashboard for all your mobile data and forms.

See how easy it is

Watch this how-to video and learn in just 3 minutes how to add a Google data connection to your Formotus form. Specify the sheet where you want the data to land, the fields in the form that you want to promote to columns in the sheet, and the folder where you want the rich form documents with photos and signatures to reside. That's all it takes to turn your Google Sheet into a mobile data dashboard! [/one_half_last]

Here’s how it works

How Formotus works with Google Drive and Sheets
How it works - Click to enlarge
  • Rapidly build a smart electronic form using the Formotus online creator, and supply the form with shareable links to a Google Drive folder and a Sheet.
  • Distributed your form via Formotus mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows.
  • Your app users collect rich data in the form such as signatures, photos, diagrams, GPS locations, barcodes and more. The form works robustly offline and can include sophisticated business logic.
  • When the form is complete the user taps Submit. The user does not need Google credentials and does not even need to know where the data goes.
  • Tabular form data arrives in the Google Sheet where it can be reviewed, analyzed, charted, and used to trigger additional actions.
  • The Google Sheet also shows links to the original form, one to view it as a PDF and another to open it in the Formotus Now app for further editing and re-submission.

For more info, read our support article on how to set up a Google Drive connection in Formotus >> Works with Google Drive

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