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Joe is serial entrepreneur who has been a pioneer in a variety of emerging technologies, including creating one of the 1st digital media companies at the advent of the Internet.

Apps for Mobile Business Forms

Software to create offline fillable forms

The Formotus Pro app

The app for managed users with deployed forms. Equip your mobile workforce.

Download from Windows store

Android app on Google Play


  • Open the Formotus Pro app and sign in using the default user credentials:
    User Name: | Password: free
  • You will find sample forms deployed to the free user account.


The Formotus Now app

The app for anyone to fill a form by clicking a link. Reach employees, customers and the public.

Download from Windows store

Android app on Google Play


1 Download the Formotus Now app.

2 The best way to open the Formotus Now app once it is installed is to simply click on one of the forms samples below.  You will notice that you are not prompted for credentials to open the sample mobile forms.

General Sample Forms

Any business might need forms like these.

Expense Report



 Emergency Contact

 Incident Report

Specialty Sample Forms

Forms for construction, field service & healthcare.

 Service Request

 Safety Inspection

 Work Order

 Job Safety Analysis

 Health Questionnaire

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