Formotus Mobile Forms Working with Google Sheets and Google Drive


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Formotus continues to invest in integrations with Google Sheets & Google Drive. This blog will describe the many new features that Formotus now supports when using Google Sheets or Google Drive to store the data you collect in your Formotus mobile forms–including the new capability to create powerful workflows with Google Sheets as your backend.


Formotus mobile users can submit the data they collect in their Formotus forms directly from their mobile device to a Google Drive (Google’s cloud-based file storage service) or Google Sheets (Google’s spreadsheet app).  Formotus does not store any of the data collected in your Formotus mobile forms, so when you create your Formotus forms, you can choose to submit by email or to just about any backend, including Google.

Google Drive screenshot

Create new Google data destination wizard

For step-by-step directions on how to set up your Google Sheets and Google drive with your Formotus mobile forms, click on this link.


Now Formotus mobile forms can filter data from a Google Sheet query. If you have a Google Sheet with data that you are using, in a few easy steps you can populate your Formotus mobile forms with data from your Google data stores.

Google data source

How to query Googles Sheets using your Formotus mobile forms

You can find step-by-step directions at this link for how to query Googles Sheets using your Formotus mobile forms.


Formotus customers who use the Repeating Photos control in their Formotus mobile forms can now submit those photos to a Google Folder.  Mobile users who capture many photos while doing inspections, even working offline, can submit all of their photos directly from their mobile device to their Google Folder.


Google photo URL in Photo destination popupRepeating Photo contol - Properties tab, showing Google submitTo start using this powerful feature, please click on this link to see the step-by-step directions on how to submit photos in your Formotus mobile forms to your Google Folder.


Formotus has offered mobile workflow capabilities with SharePoint as a backend for many years, we are excited to introduce powerful workflows with Google Sheets.  The Formotus Pro app has workflow built in on the mobile client side. Now Google Sheet users can build workflows for their mobile users.  Your Formotus administrator builds the workflow when they create your Formotus mobile forms.

Workflow option in Forms page

Once your Formotus workflow forms are created (one for the individual assigning jobs/one for the mobile users who will be receiving “job tickets” or “task assignments” on their mobile device.  The person assigning the job/task opens the Formotus workflow form on their device, fill in the details about the job: who is assigned; where do they need to report; when do they need to report etc.

Once jobs/tasks are assigned to an individual the assignments will show up in the Formotus app on their mobile device.  The mobile users can “grab” one job at a time, or grab them all if they plan to work offline that day.  Once the jobs have been pulled on to a mobile users device they can open and fill out and save as many forms as they like if they are working offline.  Once submitted, the data collected in the Formotus mobile workflow forms will appear in your Google Folder.

Available workflow form job on iOS deviceGoogle workflows Formotus Workflow form in Formotus Pro app for iOS

To create your first Formotus mobile workflow forms, check out this article on the Formotus support site.  You will find tons of guidance there to help you come up the learning curve.

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