Formotus as an Alternative for InfoPath Users


Ms. Neagu is a noted expert on data applications and XML technologies. Adriana was co-inventor of Microsoft Office InfoPath, and co-holds 4 InfoPath patents.

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Formotus for InfoPath Users

If you like InfoPath…

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Formotus adds value to InfoPath forms and extends the useful life of your investment.
  • Deploy your InfoPath forms to mobile apps for robust offline functionality
  • Add custom controls to capture photos, signagures, GPS, barcodes, more
  • Manage form deployments: control who has access, push updates

If you don’t like InfoPath…

Formotus creator
Formotus offers an alternative online form creator that you may like better.
  • An online form creator that’s much easier to use than InfoPath Designer
  • Many of the same capabilities as InfoPath: rules, data connections, etc.
  • High-value features not available in InfoPath: generate PDF, submit to Google Drive, etc.

No need to decide!

Formotus lets you mix and match both kinds of forms: forms you build in InfoPath and forms you create online. Both kinds are deployed and managed the same way, and both run side-by-side in Formotus mobile apps.

You can keep using your existing InfoPath expertise and forms, enhance them with Formotus custom controls, and at the same time create new forms online without InfoPath. As the Formotus form creator gains new capabilities over time -- and as InfoPath features grow more obsolete -- you can gradually shift toward using InfoPath less and Formotus more.

Starting a Formotus form
Formotus side-by-side support for InfoPath forms and forms created online

Formotus features common to all forms

Whether you use InfoPath to design your forms or not, Formotus delivers the best cloud and mobile capabilities.

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