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iPad apps for mobile forms

Formotus offers two different client apps for mobile form filling on iPad and iPhone, depending on your business needs. Both run the same forms and are free for the mobile user. Download now and try out some sample forms. If you like what you see, then get a free trial account to create your own custom iPad forms.

The Formotus Pro app for iOS

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Equip your mobile workforce

Typical Scenarios

Safety inspections
Work Orders
Incident reports

The Formotus Now app for iOS

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Reach out with public-facing forms

Typical Scenarios

Employee/customer surveys
Service requests
Expense reports & HR forms

Most powerful mobile business forms software for iPad

iPad form
Formotus safety inspection form on iPad

Formotus has been used over two million times by companies of all sizes — from giant energy and construction firms to small field service and repair operations. Hundreds of businesses have equipped thousands of mobile workers with custom Formotus forms.Software to create offline fillable business forms

The Formotus Now app or the Formotus Pro app?

Good news, you don’t have to choose! A Formotus account lets you use either or both of the free apps to distribute your forms, depending on your business scenarios. Both apps run exactly the same Formotus forms.

The Formotus Pro app is for equipping your mobile workforce with offline-optimized forms and tightly controlling exactly who has access to which forms. Licensing is per-user/per-month.

The Formotus Now app is for reaching a wider audience with your mobile forms without requiring credentials. You can share mobile forms with employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and even the general public. Licensing is per each form use.

Common scenarios for the Formotus Pro app for iPad and iPhone

Our customers create and deploy Formotus iPad forms for a wide variety of scenarios: construction forms, building inspections, punch lists, work orders, change orders, service dispatch, material and equipment logs, job safety analysis, risk assessment matrix, daily job reports, job routing, delivery tickets, service requests, security audits, incident reports, merchandising, quality control, healthcare forms, sales forms, and the list goes on.

Common scenarios for the Formotus Now app for iPad and iPhone

The Formotus Now app is suitable for a wide variety of iPad form scenarios including: employee surveys, customer surveys, checklists, service requests, helpdesk, HR forms, expense reports, timesheets, vacation requests, confidentiality NDA forms, tax forms, I-9 forms, W-4 forms, healthcare forms, patient registration, health history, treatment forms, release forms, HIPAA privacy forms, research studies, clinical trials, lead capture, and the list goes on.

 Formotus Forms for iPad


Offline-optimized apps
Signature and photo capture
Connect to SharePoint


No coding required
Short time to deployment
Low cost ramp-up


Secure and compliant
Used over 2,000,000 times
Production-hardened on iOS since 2010

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