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Ms. Neagu is a noted expert on data applications and XML technologies. Adriana was co-inventor of Microsoft Office InfoPath, and co-holds 4 InfoPath patents.


Formotus Mobile Form Apps Now Work with Google Drive and Sheets

We’re pleased to announce our new integration with Google Drive and Google Sheets. Enterprise-grade data collection forms are now available for any organization using Google online storage services and apps.

Update: Two days after this announcement Google renamed Google for Work as ‘G Suite’. Formotus mobile forms integrate with G Suite in the Google Cloud.

September 27, 2016

Formotus, a leader in mobile apps for business forms, today announced support for back-end data connections to Google Drive and Google Sheets.

Organizations using Google Drive and Google Apps now have a great new option for collecting rich data on mobile devices

“Organizations using Google Drive and Google Apps now have a great new option for collecting rich data on mobile devices and aggregating their data in Google Sheets,” said Formotus CEO Adriana Neagu. “Formotus forms are rich apps that let mobile users capture signatures, photos and other rich visual data – even when working offline without an internet connection.”

Formotus apps are free to download for iOS, Windows and Android devices.

Putting Google Drive to Work for Business Processes

Forms for Google Drive and SheetsFormotus turns Google Sheets into a dashboard for analyzing submitted data and accessing submitted form documents. The person designing the form chooses which fields in the form should appear as columns in the sheet so the data can be reviewed, analyzed, charted, and used to trigger next steps.

Submitted forms are also stored as documents in a Google Drive folder, preserving visual data such as signatures and photos that can’t be stored directly in Sheets. The dashboard sheet includes links to view the forms as PDF or open and edit them in the Formotus Now app.

Rapid Mobile Form Creation Without Coding

There are no development tools or coding knowledge required. Users can create powerful and attractive mobile forms with an easy drag-and-drop online form creation tool.

Robust Data Collection – Even Offline

How Formotus works with Google Drive and Sheets
How it works – Click to enlarge

Formotus forms run cross-platform on Android, iOS and Windows devices. The apps are optimized for ‘offline-first’ functionality. All kinds of data can be collected in the forms without needing an online connection, and all the business logic in the form works offline too. The only times the user needs to be online are to download the blank form and to submit the completed form. No connection is needed while navigating and filling the form with rich data such as photos, signatures, diagrams, GPS coordinates and barcodes.

Keeping Company Data Secure

Companies place a high priority on keeping their sensitive data safe. That’s why Formotus apps are designed to connect directly to the Google backend right from the device, not via any Formotus servers. As CEO Neagu explains, “Your computing devices exchange data directly with your Google account. The Formotus service never handles your sensitive data, we just provision your devices with the ‘blank forms’ and the means to connect robustly and securely, while also enabling our customers to easily build, manage and deploy their rich forms to their users.”


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