Joe Verschueren

Mr. Verschueren helped launch several new industries throughout his career, including cellular, voice processing, and the Internet.

Joe was part of the team that launched 4 of the 1st cellular systems in the world, including Seattle’s. Mr. Verschueren developed one of the 1st digital media companies at the advent of the Internet. His company, Parallel Communications, created several of Microsoft’s first websites, including Microsoft Press.

Joe has developed marketing and communications strategies, product marketing and branding, and go-to-market plans. He has created and trademarked company and product brands and developed brand use guidelines.

Joe has created channel programs in a number of emerging industries, including the voice processing industry (voice mail) after the Modified Final Judgement opened the industry to competition. Mr. Verschueren has created direct sales teams as large as 350 people. He has developed compensation and sales incentive plans and created and implemented sales training classes.

Mr. Verschueren is a 3rd generation native of the Seattle area. He has been on the founding team of 11 startups, co-founder of 5 companies. Joe co-founded ImageX (IMGX) which did an IPO in 1999 and was later sold to FedEx/Kinko’s.