Formotus Plans - Basic (selected), Team, Enterprise

Best For: A single user who sporadically sends mobile forms to be completed on mobile devices or a Windows 10 computer. People who sign up for this plan want:

  • A simple mobile forms creator app with drag and drop interface.
  • A single user to create and manage contact forms.
  • Anyone can complete the form; they don’t have to have a Formotus account.

The Formotus Basic Plan is the ideal solution for a company with single users who don’t require InfoPath support and want to share their Formotus forms with “anonymous” users who don’t have a Formotus account.

If you’re interested in a plan where you have an unlimited number of users collecting form data in the field see Formotus Team Mobile Form SaaS or if you’re a large organization requiring enterprise-grade security features then check out the Formotus Enterprise Mobile Form Solution.

Amazingly Simple and Intuitive Mobile Form Designer

With Formotus Basic Plan you can easily create an unlimited number of secure mobile forms. The data collected in Formotus forms never pass through Formotus servers. Other free and inexpensive mobile form apps like Google or DoForms do not offer the level of security provided by Formotus.

Easy to Use Mobile Form Design

  • Easy to use drag-and drop WYSIWYG form creator
  • No coding required
  • Choose from a variety of sample form templates to get started
  • When the form is ready, simply send a link those who you want to complete it.

Formotus creator for mobile forms

Advanced Mobile Form Functionality

  • Powerful data collection controls such as GPS capture, barcodes, timestamps, and signatures
  • Forms can use advanced business logic
    o Data collection
    o Data validation
    o Error checking
    o Logic for entering data in the form
  • Embed or encrypt credentials in forms
  • Submit forms as a PDF/XML/HTML file
  • Query online data sources (SharePoint list, Google Sheets, web services)
  • Integrations with popular apps such as Excel, email, SharePoint, Google Drive and Sheets, web services and Zendesk

To see all features, go here:

Mobile Form Builder with App-Click Pricing

Best For: A company that needs to share their Formotus mobile forms with people outside of their organization who are not licensed Formotus users.

  • Deliver template forms to anyone, no credentials required.
  • Send custom forms as often as you need; pay only for usage, not users.
  • Connect public-facing forms, for employee surveys, customer surveys, checklists, service requests, helpdesk, HR forms, expense reports, timesheets, vacation requests, confidentiality NDA forms, tax forms, I-9 forms, W-4 forms, healthcare forms, patient registration, health history, treatment forms, release forms, HIPAA privacy forms, research studies, clinical trials, lead capture. Formotus Now can replace just about any paper form you use today.

With Formotus App-Click, you only pay for form usage (i.e. an app-click), not user fees. Users open your form simply by clicking on the link you provide.

How It Works
App-click pricing lets you share Formotus forms with anyone you want, not just the users registered in your account. Purchase a package of app-clicks in advance and consume them as needed. When a user launches the Formotus Now app and opens your form by clicking on the link you provide an app-click is consumed. You can deploy the same form to licensed users of the Formotus Pro app. Learn more about our flexible pricing plans.

No credit card required

Formotus Basic Mobile Form App
$20/month, plus the option to purchase app-clicks at $2 per click.

Formotus Mobile Form Designer Basic Plan User Scenario

Create a form using the mobile form builder in Formotus. Send the link to anyone (vendors, customers, general public, etc.) that you want to complete the form. When they open the form on their mobile device using the Formotus Now app, the app-click price is deducted from your account. The data they submit on the form is automatically sent to your data collection repository (Google, SharePoint, Excel, etc.).

“We use Formotus Now with all of our sub-contractors’ registrations. We send them the Formotus link and they fill in the registration form and submit the data securely back to our SharePoint server” says Ray Simone, Contractor Manager, Siemens