Our Mobile Form Solution Never Stores Any of the Data You Collect in Your Formotus Forms

Formotus offers the most secure, robust and flexible mobile forms solution available in this age of digital transformation. For over 10 years, Formotus has been developing and introducing innovative features that enterprises desire. And with our flexible licensing plans, SMBs can access our powerful mobile form software.

Drag-and-Drop to Create Mobile Forms

Build mobile forms with complex business logic in minutes. No Code Required. Use our intuitive online app to build forms quickly with data connectors that match your brand. Equip your mobile team with rich forms that capture pictures, videos, GPS coordinates, barcodes and more. Explore our intuitive mobile form builder in the Formotus Form Creator.

Mobile Form Apps Built for Remote Data Collection

Our mobile forms solution is an industry-first that’s designed to enable secure offline data collection in the field. Formotus forms provide business logic, data validation, error checking, and other capabilities—all while working disconnected from the network. Learn more about Formotus offline data collection capabilities.

Stuck with InfoPath? Give it a Boost

We know InfoPath, our co-founder was one of the creators. We know what it can do and how to transform your InfoPath forms into powerful mobile forms. Use our seamless migration solution to turn your InfoPath forms into mobile forms that run on any iOS, Android or Windows 10 device. Simply upload your InfoPath forms to our mobile form software converter and create forms that you can deploy to anyone in the field. No other forms SaaS makes InfoPath migration this simple. Watch our InfoPath migration process.
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Seamlessly Integrates with Your Existing Data Sources

Our mobile form app is so secure because your data never touches our servers. You decide where data collected in the field gets stored in your organization. Formotus works out-of-the-box with SharePoint, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Dropbox, OneDrive and custom SOAP/REST web services. Learn more about mobile forms data integrations.

Unique, Flexible Licensing Model

Choose either a monthly recurring subscription or our revolutionary Formotus license-month model. Not only can you pause licenses when a mobile user has completed a project, but the remaining balance is returned to the license pool for other users in your enterprise to consume. Explore Formotus mobile form plans and pricing.
Licensed Formotus mobile users can access company forms using the Formotus Pro App. Unlicensed users who may only need to use a mobile form once or twice a year can use the Formotus Now App. Once the information is collected in the mobile app, the data is sent directly to your data storage of choice.
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Formotus Now