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    New features galore: Roundup of recent improvements

    Caching queries, printing, cloning drafts and opening forms from email or SharePoint — these are a just few of the new capabilities recently made available to users of Formotus mobile forms. Clone drafts This is a real time-saver for people who find themselves entering the same info into forms …

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  • Add an email submit data connection

    Making the most of email submit with Infopath and Formotus forms

    Options for submitting data from mobile devices Formotus forms support InfoPath’s three ways to submit data: A data connection to a SharePoint list or library A data connection to a SOAP/REST Web service An email with attachments Email is the easiest submit method to implement, and …

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  • emailing-to-box

    Tech tip: How to use InfoPath forms in the cloud with Box

    Box allows you to add documents into cloud folders by sending them as email attachments. InfoPath lets you submit XML-based data forms as email attachments. This means you can use Box as a repository for submitted InfoPath forms. Part I: Find the email address for …

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  • SPEmailSettingsFeatured

    Tech tip: Using email to submit InfoPath forms to SharePoint

    Configure SharePoint 2010 to receive incoming email Note: SharePoint Online (Office 365) does not support email submit. If you need to configure Central Admin to enable libraries to receive email, find instructions here. Publish your InfoPath form to a SharePoint library. Open the library where …

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  • Input Interface

    Keep your interface out of my report

    If you use mobile forms for data collection and store those forms individually, you may discover that what you’re storing is not ideal for either printing or viewing on a desktop screen. Your little smartphone interface will look tall and skinny when viewed on a …

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