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Work offline

Offline first

Continuous productivity in the absence of a reliable data connection is critical to many of our customers, especially those with a workforce that’s often out in rural areas, inside industrial facilities, down in tunnels, up in airplanes, or out at sea. Formotus Pro has the most robust offline capability in the market.


capture rich data

Rich data collection

Formotus apps run natively on each device platform (iOS, Android, Windows 8) to enable rich data collection using device sensors such as camera, touch screen and GPS receiver. This makes Formotus ideal data collection software for scenarios such as property inspections that capture photos, signatures and locations.


data connectors

Data connectors

Formotus enables direct data connections between your devices and your own data systems, wherever you choose to store data. You can easily submit and query data on any SharePoint site — including Office 365 — or anywhere else using Web services. Or you can simply submit using email if that meets your needs.



2 Ways to Create

Use the Formotus online form creator to quickly and easily design great-looking forms with all the most popular features. Or break out  Microsoft InfoPath Designer for heavy-duty projects requiring complex business logic or InfoPath compatibility. Both kinds of form run side-by-side in Formotus mobile apps.


distribute forms

2 Ways to Distribute

Easily share your forms by email for anyone to open in Formotus Now with no credentials required. Or deploy forms to your authenticated workforce in Formotus Pro and control exactly who has access to which forms in real time. Any form can be distributed either or both ways to fit your business needs precisely.


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3 Plans to Choose From

Maybe you just need easy forms to email people and have them return PDF files. Or maybe your requiremens include complex app logic and data integration with SharePoint or other backend systems. Whatever your size or level, Formotus has both a plan to fit your current needs and a roadmap to carry you into the future.


Dispatch and workflow

Turn any SharePoint form library into a mobile worker dispatch center. Use Formotus workflow forms to route work, create approval workflows, and dispatch field service workers. You can use Formotus workflow forms independently or in conjunction with SharePoint workflows.



InfoPath migration

If you use Microsoft InfoPath forms, you probably know that InfoPath is being retired. Formotus provides a seamless migration path that lets you import InfoPath forms and use them in Formotus apps alongside other Formotus forms. Formotus works like a mobile InfoPath form filler app.


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