Mobile SharePoint Data Connections

Connect apps on tablets to SharePoint as a mobile data back-end

Got SharePoint? Now get custom mobile applications that work offline and connect online to any SharePoint including Office 365. Formotus enables rapid delivery of mobile SharePoint data solutions for iOS, Android and Windows tablets. 

Mobile SharePoint apps without coding

Forget IDEs and SDKs. The Formotus service creates mobile SharePoint-connected forms using the data connection wizard in InfoPath. With just a few clicks you can configure your form to submit from tablet devices to your own SharePoint library. The fields in your form become SharePoint columns, populated by the values in the forms you submit. Formotus also supports submitting to content types and to lists, as well as querying data from lists.

Forms that work offline and connect online to SharePoint

Mobile devices are not always connected, so Formotus is optimized for offline use. Each form can have multiple drafts in progress that are saved locally on the iOS or Android device. Completed forms are queued to an outbox when there is no data connection, and submitted to SharePoint once a connection is restored. Also, data pulled from a SharePoint list while online can be cached for later offline use.

Formotus forms work like apps and can include sophisticated business logic, complex calculations, data validation rules, and multi-screen navigation — all of which work offline without a data connection.

These robust offline capabilities, combined with rich data controls that capture photos, signatures and GPS locations, make Formotus forms ideal for data collection in the field. All the data collected can be submitted to SharePoint, either as a final repository or as a way-station to other back-end data systems.

Connect your app to any SharePoint server

Formotus forms connect to any flavor of SharePoint as a mobile back-end.Formotus mobile forms work with any edition of SharePoint and require no add-ins, proxies, or server-side installations of any kind.  Microsoft Forms Services are not required. Formotus works with hosted SharePoint accounts too since it requires no special configuration.

Formotus also supports SharePoint in the cloud as offered by Microsoft as part of Office 365. This can be a good choice for companies who don’t want to manage their own servers.

Advanced collaboration with mobile workflow forms

We’ve invented a special class of mobile forms called workflow forms that can turn SharePoint into your mobile dispatch center for field workers using iPad and Android tablets.  These forms can be routed among mobile users in a wide variety of ways. Note that Formotus mobile workflow forms are not related to SharePoint workflows, and both can be used in conjunction.

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