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Design once, deploy anywhere from the cloud on all the best devices

How can you create cross-platform business applications without coding that run natively on iOS and Android and work great offline?

Forget Mobile Application Development

The diversity of powerful mobile devices in the marketplace poses a significant challenge for businesses wanting to create custom mobile applications. Each competing device type — iOS, Android, Windows Mobile — requires a different set of tools and programming skills. Each supported platform will multiply the cost and complexity of designing developing, debugging, testing and deploying custom mobile applications. When it comes time to update the mobile application, you can count on even modest design changes turning into significant development projects.

Businesses looking for cross-platform mobile business solutions often turn first to browser-based apps, because a mobile browser represents the lowest common denominator among different mobile devices with different operating systems.

Forget Designing Web Apps for the Mobile Browser

Organizations want to empower their people with mobile applications that work across platforms, work offline, and work better than mobile browsers.At Formotus we don’t believe a mobile browser is the best platform for conducting business, for several reasons. Productivity in a browser depends on constant connectivity, and in the real world data connections can be fleeting. Even when the connection is good, mobile browsers provide limited controls and workflow functionality compared to dedicated applications running on the device.

Third-party proxy servers can be installed and maintained to help remedy the usability problems inherent in mobile browsers, but even the best and most expensive server software cannot turn a mobile browser into a business tool as powerful as a custom application.

Organizations want to empower their people with mobile applications that work across platforms, work offline, and work better than mobile browsers.

Meet Formotus Forms: Cross Platform Design + Native Software

Formotus is not a suite of apps but rather a mobile application design platform for delivering powerful custom business applications that we call Formotus forms. Formotus forms are created rapidly without coding by using the standard Microsoft Office form-design product called InfoPath. Formotus supports all the most important InfoPath controls and extends them with custom controls to take advantage of phone-specific features such as touch screen, GPS and camera.

All the custom business logic and direct data connections are abstracted into an XML-based form that works on every device type we support. Each device type runs its own rich native client software so they can all use the same mobile business form designs.

Formotus forms service architecture

Mobile application design across platforms the Formotus way


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