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  • Kinvey survey

    Figuring the costs of custom mobile business app development

    (Last updated June 23, 2017. Originally posted July 7, 2012.) App Development Costs Ranges by app development companies Here is how three agencies characterize their typical price range for developing a business app: Continuing costs after development It would be a mistake to think of …

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  • Google App Maker vs Microsoft PowerApps

    Google App Maker vs. Microsoft PowerApps

    Both Google App Maker and Microsoft PowerApps seek to offer their enterprise customers an alternative to mobile app development through traditional programming. Microsoft was first through the gate with its PowerApps product, released to general availability at the end of October. One month later, Google …

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  • Google Forms app?

    Google Forms App Alternative for Business

    Looking for a Google forms app? Formotus mobile apps are better than Google Forms for business workflows. Formotus integrates with Google Sheets and Google Drive so you can see your form submissions as rows in a spreadsheet and open your form docs from folders. Formotus …

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  • Gsuite Featured

    Google for Work becomes G Suite

    “G Suite” is the new name for Google for Work Google, as anticipated, unveiled new “G Suite” and “Google Cloud” branding for its business offerings today. Let’s take a look at what’s been posted on it on day one. Google Blog Posts The Google Cloud …

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  • works-with-google-drive

    Better Business Forms for Google Drive and Sheets

    Formotus Mobile Form Apps Now Work with Google Drive and Sheets Update: Two days after this announcement Google renamed Google for Work as ‘G Suite’. Formotus now works with G Suite in the Google Cloud. Mercer Island, WA [PRWEB] September 27, 2016 Formotus, a leader …

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  • New Plans

    Introducing Two New Subscription Plans

    Starter and Team plans now available Note: If you started your free trial before July 19 you may not see the option to subscribe to these new plans. Contact Formotus if you wish to subscribe to Starter or Team and do not see the option. …

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  • CaseStudy Nviron 1

    Case Study: SharePoint Integration with Best-of-breed Tools

    A Muhimbi Conversation with Nviron The following post is reproduced in full from the Muhimbi site by permission (see original) As you may have already read in our blog post, Converting Formotus mobile forms to PDF using the PDF converter for SharePoint, Formotus is one …

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  • Offline is catching on

    Offline-First: Key Ingredient for Mobile Business Apps

    Offline is catching on Not long ago offline got little respect Just a couple years ago the idea that mobile business apps might need robust offline capabilities was not a widespread notion. As one blogger put it in a post titled “No connection? Big problem”: …

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  • Muhimbi Tree

    Muhimbi converts Formotus forms to PDF on SharePoint

    Formotus to PDF via Muhimbi There are two primary reasons customers want PDF files in addition to the XML files that Formotus submits to SharePoint libraries: Widespread accessibility. PDF is a universal format that enables anyone to view your forms without needing Formotus apps or …

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  • PowerApps

    PowerApps Replacing InfoPath?

    Microsoft PowerApps Yesterday (November 30, 2015) when Microsoft announced the limited availability of the new PowerApps product, Twitter users immediately raised the question: Is this the long awaited Microsoft replacement for InfoPath? The Twitter hype cycle 1. Excitement over InfoPath replacement 2. Questions and doubts …

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  • Share Formotus Links

    Another Innovative Pricing Model for Mobile SaaS

    Forms on demand A new model for delivering mobile apps as a service What are app-clicks? App-clicks are what you buy if you want to license Formotus on a pay-per-use basis. Customers buy a package of app-clicks in advance, and each app-click is good for …

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  • InfoPath Split Personality

    Getting Started with InfoPath: Do’s and Don’ts

    Getting Started with InfoPath Designer Now that InfoPath 2013 is readily available as a free download, it’s easier than ever to get started building Formotus forms. Here are some tips for getting started with InfoPath Designer. Things To Do First, download and install InfoPath above …

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  • Infopath Sharepoint Mobile View Error

    SharePoint Mobile Views and InfoPath Forms

    “Something went wrong” Yesterday a new knowledge base article appeared on the Microsoft support site regarding the use of InfoPath browser forms with SharePoint Online with mobile view enabled on devices. In short, it doesn’t work. Mobile users need to switch to full-screen view to …

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  • Connect to SharePoint

    Why we recommend Office 365 and SharePoint Online for a compliant mobile solution

    (Updated July 5, 2015) We advise organizations concerned with stringent regulatory requirements to consider SharePoint Online, a highly secure option with a large number of compliance features and certifications. Formotus mobile solutions can connect to any kind of  SharePoint including SharePoint Online, which is available by subscription …

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  • Service Dispatch Workflow

    Quick Workflow Demo

    2-Minute Video: Workflow demo using both Formotus Now and Formotus Pro Here’s what you see going by quickly in the video: Not shown: That completed form instance could be re-opened from SharePoint using either Formotus Pro or Formotus Now by adding a special column with …

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  • iOS Windows Android

    Think Outside the SharePoint Browser: 7 Ways to Use Formotus Mobile Apps

    Think outside the SharePoint browser Seven ways to use Formotus mobile apps Fill InfoPath-compatible forms using Formotus mobile apps for iOS, Windows 8 and Android This has been a core competency of Formotus for years. You can upload an InfoPath form to the Formotus cloud …

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  • New Features Everywhere

    New Features Everywhere

    Spotlight on the Formotus Roadmap New Levels of SharePoint Integration From the beginning Formotus apps have been able to submit and query data in SharePoint lists and libraries. Now the integration is even tighter with two new features we’re rolling out: One-click open from a …

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  • Offline Is Not a Feature

    Offline is Not a Feature

    Updated February 16, 2015, with Forrester info. First published June 30, 2014. Online was first Online forms have been around a long time and are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of electronic forms. With the proliferation of mobile devices, …

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  • Formotus Architecture

    Mobile SaaS: Changing the Face of Software as a Service

    (First published in 2011, last updated June 28, 2014) SMB Market for Mobile SaaS to reach $19.7 billion by 2017 According to the latest report by Strategy Analytics, “The SMB market for mobile SaaS will grow from a $6.7 billion in 2012 market to reach …

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  • Work Orders and Power View

    Work Order Magic

    Work Orders and Data Analysis for the Mobile Era This video demonstrates an integrated solution using a Formotus mobile work order form. A worker is dispatched to a job with all the information he needs, and he submits operational data about the job back to …

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