Formotus Pro: Business forms for data collection and SharePoint

Formotus Pro

Formotus Pro

Equip your workforce with enterprise-grade mobile forms for robust offline data collection. Connect online straight to your own SharePoint and other data systems.

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Formotus Pro is available for iPad, iPhone, Windows devices and Android tablets and phones.





  1. Open the app and sign in using the default user credentials: | Password=free
  2. Try out a few of the sample forms deployed to you inside the app.

Formotus offers what others cannot

Formotus Pro has been used over two million times by companies of all sizes — from giant energy and construction firms to small field service and repair operations. Hundreds of businesses have equipped thousands of mobile workers with custom Formotus forms. Why? Because Formotus offers what others cannot:

  • Sophisticated business logic that requires no coding and works robustly offline
  • Connectors that go straight to your data systems, not through ours
  • Built-in SharePoint support for InfoPath-compatible submit and query

Common scenarios for Formotus Pro

Our customers create and deploy Formotus forms for a wide variety of scenarios: construction forms, building inspections, punch lists, work orders, change orders, service dispatch, material and equipment logs, job safety analysis, risk assessment matrix, daily job reports, job routing, delivery tickets, service requests, security audits, incident reports, merchandising, quality control, healthcare forms, sales forms, and the list goes on.

Which to choose: Formotus Now or Formotus Pro?

Good news, you don’t have to choose! A Formotus account lets you use either or both apps to distribute your forms, depending on your business scenarios. Both apps run exactly the same Formotus forms.

Formotus Pro is for equipping your mobile workforce with offline-optimized forms and tightly controlling exactly who has access to which forms. Licensing is per user per month.

Formotus Now is for reaching a wider audience with your forms and not requiring credentials. You can share forms with employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and even the general public. Licensing is per use of a form.

Key Features

Offline-first business logic

Formotus apps have been optimized at every turn for offline use of robust, intelligent forms. Offline productivity is in the very DNA of Formotus app design. Mobile users can initiate new forms and work on multiple drafts of multiple forms while offline. No Internet connection is needed to navigate screens, use branch and skip logic, perform calculations and validate data. Submitted forms queue in an outbox to sync later when online, and queries performed online can be cached for offline access.

Keep control of your data

Formotus does not store your sensitive business data – you do. Unlike other form products that require your data to submit to their servers, Formotus data connections transmit directly from your devices to your data systems. This is an important consideration for data security and compliance with HIPAA, FISMA, ISO 27001 and other regulations that may specify where and how your data must be stored. Integrates easily with

Integrates easily with SharePoint

Formotus lets you create SharePoint-connected mobile forms using a no-code data connection wizard. With just a few clicks you can configure your app to query or submit from Formotus Pro to your own SharePoint list or library. Formotus supports any version of SharePoint, on premises, hosted or online, with no installs or special configuration required: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online in Office 365. Formotus forms can be created from InfoPath form templates so they are indistinguishable from InfoPath forms on SharePoint.

Rich data controls

Besides all the usual form controls you’d expect – text boxes, dropdown lists, checkboxes, radio buttons and the like – Formotus forms support many custom controls specialized for use with mobile devices. You can capture signatures, pictures, diagrams, barcodes, GPS locations, maps and more.

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