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Only Formotus offers rich, dynamic forms that work offline and connect out-of-the-box to SharePoint

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Offline Forms

No connection? No problem! Business logic and calculation rules are available even when disconnected from the network. You can work offline and submit forms to a queue, then sync your forms with your backend data sources when connected.

Collect Data

Leverage your power-packed devices. Capture signatures from the touch screen, photos from the camera, locations from the GPS, and bar codes from a scanner. You can even annotate your photos with electronic ink.

SharePoint +

Formotus doesn’t store your data, you store it where you want to. Connect easily to any flavor of SharePoint including Office 365. Enhance the power of your forms with Formotus workflows.  Or store your data in SQL, Oracle, or any of your favorite data stores.

Custom Mobile Business Forms

Now on Windows 8.1!

Formotus Architecture

Control Capture Connect

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